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JHDCPCB has world-class equipment support, as well as a professional R & D and production team. Our expertise and cost competitiveness ensure that you can get excellent quality and the most cost-effective PCB and solutions from us.

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From drawing to finished PCB, JHDPCB is your expert consultant.

PCB Fabrication

We have the most advanced equipment and expert team in the PCB industry to meet any of your PCB manufacturing needs.

PCB Fabrication

Reliable quality has always been the core of our services.
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PCB Assembly

Provide PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services in the form of complete turnkey, partial turnkey or sample delivery. From proofing to mass production, a fast and fully certified process is adopted to meet urgent project deadlines.

PCB Assembly

Satisfy any form of PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services. Use fast and authoritative processes to meet project deadlines.
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JHDPCB helps you to avoid production delays and expensive mistakes with the support of our expert engineers and Free DFM Check tool.


Ensure your PCB is free of manufacturability issues, we offer free DFM validation service for you
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PCB Quick Turn

We understand that efficiency is an important part of modern business development, so we provide Quick-turn prototype PCB service. which can be delivered within 12 hours at the fastest

PCB Quick Turn

JHDPCB provides Quick-turn prototype PCB service. Which can be manufactured in 12 hours at the fastest. With priority express, you can quickly get the samples.
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Excellent quality PCB at budget prices

We have been deeply engaged in PCB production for more than 12 years and provide one-stop services for PCB fabrication and PCB assembly. You can rely on us to get the most cost-effective PCB by our expertise and large-scale production.

Factory Area

Own 48,000 square meters factory area

10000 +

Served more than 10,000 customers from all over the world

Monthly capacity

Equipped with world-leading production equipment

1 %
on-time delivery

Data as of March 2022


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