PCB Assembly

We don't just produce PCBs, we also provide PCB assembly services

JHDPCB has its own independent PCBA factory, our strengths are LED lighting and electronics assembly. Mainly undertake OEM and ODM business such as SMT, plug-in, post-soldering, testing and assembly of led lighting and electronic products. JHDPCB has been engaged in PCB assembly for more than ten years, with complete production equipment and rich processing experience. There are more than 8,000 square meters of workshops, more than 600 SMT employees, and more than 30 production lines for SMD, plug-in, post-welding, and assembly. Our daily output can reach more than 40 million points.We have ability to provide our customers with access to full turn-key,partial turnkey or kitted assembly services。

Our PCB Assembly Capabilities Include:

PCB Assembly Standard Lead Times

JHDPCB standard turn time for most assembly projects is 5 and 10 days. Below is a list of our average times, but faster timelines for all projects are available.

PCBA Equipment List

Advanced equipments to ensure the accuracy

PCBA Manufacturing Capability

See the separate PCB and PCBA processing capacity table for details