PCB Capabilities

PCB Capabilities

JHDPCB has been in the field of PCB manufacturing and assembly for 14+ years. Rich experience and serious and responsible attitude can satisfy global customers for PCB high quality, fast delivery, best cost-effectiveness, and high-end technical support services.
In order to meet the diversified production of different types of circuit board customers. JHD continues to improve production tracking and control quality through digital management. Continue to introduce first-class equipment to realize high-precision production process. Click to view detailed JHDPCB manufacturing information.

Why choose JHDPCB as your international PCB manufacturing service provider?

JHDPCB’s circuit board manufacturing services meet the IPC standards of the international industry. Every step of the manufacturing process is ROHS and REACH compliant. Our industry-leading capabilities are able to meet most customer tolerance requirements. JHD continues to obtain high-quality circuit boards at affordable prices for overseas customers.
We have reached in-depth cooperation with well-known international logistics. Wherever you are, JHD can operate fast to ensure timeliness. Everything will run to the correct standard.
You can send us your PCB design files (Gerber, .pcb, .pcbdoc, .cam and .zip) for a full free DFM check. You will be notified of any problems found. Efficient manufacturing with improved design solutions.


  • Rigid board, flexible board, rigid-flex board;
  • High frequency circuit board, high TG board;
  • 3-20 oz heavy copper plate;
  • High Density Interconnect Circuit Board (HDI PCB);
  • Fast delivery;
  • Advanced and environmentally friendly materials;
  • Prototype production;
  • Blind vias, buried vias, micro vias, stacked vias;
  • Medium-large volume production;
  • 1 – 30 layers;
  • 5 mil trace and spacing;
  • Maximum 24″ x 30″ panel size;
  • IPC Class 2/3, Military Specification, Medical Specification, Aerospace;
  • Through hole covered pad;
  • Impedance control;

CCL material:

  • Types of metal bases (aluminum, copper, steel);
  • Composite type (CEM series)
  • Epoxy glass fiber type (FR series);
  • High frequency type;
  • High temperature type;
  • Ceramic type;
  • Polyimide flexible type;
  • Compliant with RoHS standard;

Surface Finish:

  • OSP;
  • HASL;
  • HAL lead free;
  • ENIG;
  • Immersion Silver;
  • Immersion Tin;
  • Hardgold;
  • Softgold;

Customer Featured Services:

  • Free DFM review;
  • Quick quotation response;
  • Panelized;
  • 1 to 1 customer service;
  • Rapid delivery cycle management;
  • Surface treatment consultation;
  • Cost consultation;
  • Laminate and raw material consultation;

PCB Assembly Capability:

  • SMT assembly;
  • BGA assembly;
  • Through hole assembly;
  • Mixed assembly;
  • SON, QFN leadless pad terminal connection high density package;
  • DTP, QTP contact packaging;
  • Paste in-hole;
  • Plasma cleaning;
  • RoHS, indium, leaded, clean and no clean chemistries;

PCB Inspection Capability:

  • AOI testing;
  • ICT testing;
  • FPT testing;
  • AXI testing;
  • Reliability test (burn-in test);
  • FCT testing;
  • Boundary scan testing;
  • Conformal coating and pin bonding;
  • Solderability, floating soldering test;
  • Rose ion cleaning test;

Above are some common production capacities listed by JHD for your reference. If you do not find the special process you need, please contact us.
As an excellent PCB manufacturer in China, JHDPCB is the first choice for your PCB needs. We have the ability to make the perfect production and landing of PCB creativity. For more PCB information, you can contact us at any time and get a real-time quotation.

How JHD can help you

JHD Manufacturing Advantage

JHDPCB provides one-stop PCB manufacturing and assembly services. Our turnkey PCB assembly services strictly enforce IPC-A-600 acceptance criteria. and IPC-A-610/620 component procurement standards.
Supports SMT, BGA and through-hole assembly processes.

JHD can provide quick turn prototype boards and small to medium volume board production to your specifications.
We provide high-density cardboard boxes and anti-static + moisture-proof + vibration-proof packaging for packaging. Our main delivery channels are DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and other international shipping services.

JHD has standardized factory processes and management. All links follow ISO9001 management standards.
IPC standards are strictly implemented from raw material procurement to design, production and assembly. Every step of the manufacturing process is ROHS and REACH compliant.

JHDPCB provides new user ordering services in various forms of instant online quotation, corporate mail and website forms.
Each customer is equipped with a 1-to-1 customer service specialist to handle production and after-sales problems for you. Extensive experience and knowledge of market trends guarantee the quality of our services.

Adhering to a good product requires good equipment.
Continuously introducing and improving production equipment is committed to achieving higher quality and high precision PCB production. High-investment national-level laboratories meet various special PCB tests.

We strictly carry out various PCB tests to ensure that the products sent out can be used perfectly.
Such as: Visual inspection, AOI, ICT, FPT, AXI, environmental) testing, FCT, Boundary-scan testing methods. Our engineers will give you the best matching detection method according to your design.

Digital Management

We believe that the future manufacturing industry will be refined and digitally managed.
Digital management improves product quality controllability, traceability and standardized specifications.

Intelligently improve enterprise management and digital management of production lines.

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