Double layer PCB-FR4-2 layers-hasl-adpter

PCB Type: Double Layer PCB;
Base material: FR4;
Layers: 2 Layers;
PCB thickness: 1.6mm;
Top and bottom layer copper thickness: 1 OZ/1 OZ;
Surface treatment: LF-hasl;
Application field: Adpter & Power supply;
Special process: None;

Product Parameters

Double layer PCB-FR4-2 Layers-HASL-Adpter
PCB Type: Double Layer PCB
Base Material: Fr4
Layers: 2 layers
PCB thickness: 1.6mm
Inner (outer) layer copper thickness: 1 OZ/2 OZ
Surface treatment: LF-HASL
Application field: Adpter & Power Supply
Special process: Black Oil

Product Display

black solder mask
Black Oil 2layers pcb


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