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Why Choose JHD

Since 2009, JHD has provided high quality printed circuit boards with remarkable speed and customer service. As an experienced printed circuit board manufacturers, we take great pride in delivering top-class products and customer service. Our high-quality single sided and double-sided  printed circuit boards are supported by a dedicated staff with experience in all aspects of the PCB industry.

So what's the different , Exactly?

1.Concentrated Expertise

Some PCB companies offer PCB design software, PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly all under one roof. Instead of offering all these services and burying the costs for each and every customer, we decided to invest 100% of our time and energy into manufacturing the highest quality circuit boards at the lowest possible costs. From our engineers to our sales team, everyone at JHD is focused on improving one thing and one thing only- our PCB manufacturing service. With extreme focus on one aspect of the PCB industry, we have gained a level of expertise that is unrivaled at many one-stop board shops. At the same time, we can still facilitate a complete circuit board solution through our valued partners that focus on design and/or assembly (this means concentrated expertise at all levels of PCB production). 

2. High quality and best prices

We are certified with ISO9001-2008 and UL. All our PCBs are produced and inspected under IPC class 2 standard or higher depending on your requirements.
We are not the cheapest in the market. But you won’t find a better price for the quality we offer.

3 Quick Delivery Time

While some PCB companies are simply brokers, we have the luxury of producing high volume circuit boards. Our 2500 square meters facility ensures that no circuit board order is too complex (or simple) for JHD to handle- with quickness and care. By automating our processes and investing millions in our equipment, JHD's technical capabilities continue to expand.

4. Acquisition of Top Talent

With over 8 years in the industry, we've constantly adapted to trends and ever changing technology, but one thing that has remained constant is the quality of our people. Aside from being awarded for promoting industry-wide diversity, over the years, we've retained and continue to attract some of the brightest and accomplished professionals for each and every department.

Engineering (Our Brain)– develops new ways to save our customers money, time and peace of mind.

Production Floor (Our Hands)– improves processes and capabilities to bring PCB designs to life.

Sales & Marketing (Our Voice)- informs potential customers of what makes JHD unique.

Customer Service (Our Heart)- provides the personalized attention and communication our customers deserve.

Management (Our Spine)– enables transparency between all departments and centering a strategy around our philosophy