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Layer direction

The unique label on each layer guides the correct production of the PCB. The layer direction is used to help us distinguish different layers. Many layout programs allow mirrored data output. If there is no layer label or the layer label is wrong, it is easy to cause manufacturing problems. Therefore, defining each layer with a unique label is a guarantee for the correct production of the PCB. This rule applies to PCB prototype assembly and large-scale PCB production.

Points to note in layer direction:

l No label for layer direction
As shown in the figure below, can you distinguish which layer is the TOP layer or the BOT layer?
From the figure, you will find that although the file data has defined the top and bottom layers, the direction of the layers still cannot be determined. Because almost every CAD program allows mirrored output of data, regardless of single-panel and multi-layer boards.

l Correctly label the layer direction
The layer direction label as shown in the figure should appear on the copper layer, which is the correct layer direction.
From the top view, the letters “TOP” are highly readable, and the letters “BOT” are mirrored and clear.

l Layer direction of multilayer board
For multilayer PCBs, we should use continuous labels for each layer to make it easier to identify the direction of the layers.

Standards for marking the direction of layers

1. Need to create separate data for each TOP layer and BOTTOM layer.
2. It is recommended to put a label on each layer and put text on the inside or outside of the board.
3. The text used to mark the direction of the layer must be clear and easy to read. And the text should be etched like wiring, and the design rules of wiring must be followed.
4. The front of the word “TOP” is clear; the letters “BOT” on the bottom layer should be mirrored from the top. Then the “BOT” will be readable after the PCB is completed.

Layer direction is very important in PCB manufacturing. Don’t forget to mark them correctly! If you are still confused about the layer direction, please feel free to contact us.