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SMT assembly

What is SMT assembly?

SMT, the full name is surface mount technology. SMT is a method of mounting components or parts on a circuit board. Due to better results and higher efficiency, SMT has become the main method used in the PCB assembly process.
In the past, PCB manufacturers mainly used through-hole assembly to mount components. But SMT has replaced the previous assembly method with welding technology. You can find PCBs manufactured through SMT assembly processes in all electronics industries, such as computers, telecommunications, smart phones, household appliances, etc. The general process of SMT assembly includes printing solder paste, mounting components, reflow soldering, AOI or AXI.

Advantages of SMT Assembly.

· Small Size and Light Weight
Using SMT technology to directly assemble components on the board helps reduce the overall size and weight of the PCB. This assembly method allows us to place more components in a limited space, thereby achieving a compact design and better performance.

· High Reliability
After the prototype is confirmed, the entire SMT assembly process is almost automated with precision machines, minimizing possible errors caused by manual intervention. Due to automation, SMT technology ensures the reliability and consistency of the PCB.

· Save Costs
SMT assembly is usually realized by automatic machines. Although the investment cost of the machine is high, automatic machines help to reduce the manual steps in the SMT process. In the long run, this significantly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs. Moreover, the materials used are less than through-hole assembly, and the cost will be reduced.

JHDPCB's SMT Assembly Capabilities.

JHDPCB has a fully automated SMT workshop. For small batch orders, prototyping or complex parts, we also provide manual welding services. We have a variety of PCB types for assembly: FR4 board, aluminum board, flexible board, rigid-flex board. In addition to SMT assembly, BGA assembly, through-hole assembly, hybrid assembly, kit assembly and other assembly types are also available.
JHDPCB has an experienced professional team to provide turnkey services for SMT orders. Our engineers focus on every step of PCB manufacturing and PCB SMT prototyping. Whether you provide components or we provide components, all SMT processes are carefully matched according to your design and requirements.