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BGA assembly

What is BGA of PCB board?

BGA is short for Ball Grid Array and is an advanced packaging technology in SMT assembly. BGA marks a major advancement in electronic packaging technology. BGA packages are usually used for permanent installation devices such as microprocessors. It is a way to reduce the package size and integrate more functions on a single chip module. There are many spherical bumps on the surface of the tube, which provide many interconnection points to achieve the purpose of high-density packaging. As a high-end assembly technology, BGA packaging provides short lead length and sufficient lead space. With its ultra-fine pitch technology and reliable high-density interconnection, it has been widely used in the electrical industry.


Advantages and Disadvantages of BGA Packages.

Advantages of BGA--

High reliability
BGA packages have lower solder defects and stronger solder joints. And can automatically adjust the tension between the solder joints, resulting in an excellent self-centering effect. All of these help to improve assembly reliability.

High-density interconnection
BGA allows more I/O ports, because the end space is very large, so the available connection density is higher.

Better heat dissipation
The lower the resistance, the better the heat dissipation. The thermal resistance of the BGA package is low, which helps to dissipate the heat of the integrated circuit and avoid the high temperature of the chip.

Excellent electrical characteristics
The solder joints of the BGA are smaller and the leads are shorter, indicating that the inductance of the BGA package is lower. We know that inductors can produce unwanted signal distortion in high-speed PCB applications. Therefore, low lead inductance means that BGA packages have better electrical and frequency characteristics in high-speed circuit boards.

Disadvantages of BGA--

Difficult to Inspect and Rework
Since the solder balls are located under the chip, it is difficult to check the component inspection by conventional optical inspection. The disassembly and replacement of BGA components is also a tedious task, requiring a series of rework processes.


Benefits and Applications of BGA Packages.

BGA Packages shows many advantages in high-density PCB products. First, BGA Packages allows small packages of ICs with hundreds of pins, which can integrate more functions while achieving less space utilization. Secondly, the BGA package has excellent electrical performance and thermal conductivity. Furthermore, its better solderability leads to a good manufacturing yield. Because of these advantages, BGA assembly has been widely used in the LED industry, medical industry, radio communications, military, aerospace and satellite fields.

Requirements During BGA Packages.

Best BGA solder joint standard
The best BGA solder joints should be smooth, with clear boundaries and no gaps. The diameter, volume, contrast, and gray scale between all solder joints should be the same and perfectly aligned. And there are no solder balls.

Strict Inspection Process
Due to assembly equipment, environment and welding technology, BGA assembly may have different inspections. Common inspections usually include loose solder, misalignment, bridges, open circuits, cavities, uneven size, and missing solder balls. It is very necessary to use X-ray to detect and find out the loopholes that are difficult to find through optical methods.

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